A Hands-On Approach to Designer Jewelry

A Hands-On Approach to Designer Jewelry

Buying designer jewelry should be more than an act. It should be an experience. Fine fashion jewelry stores dedicated to customer care understand the importance of creating an atmosphere where their clients feel free to explore their options.

John Thomas Jewelers constantly strives to raise the bar on customer service. Our entire team commits to going the extra mile in providing extraordinary and exquisite designer jewelry, coupled with attentive and knowledgeable customer assistance. Whether you are shopping for custom-designed jewelry or fine fashion jewelry from our hand-picked selection, we believe in creating meaningful moments.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our customers, we have completely remodeled and upgraded our showroom to make the jewelry-buying experience more hands-on. Some luxury jewelry stores have adopted a “look, but don’t touch” policy to shopping in their stores. That’s not how we want our customers to feel when they step into our showroom. We’ve gone to great lengths to create an immersive designer jewelry shopping experience. Here’s how.

Interactive jewelry displays

One of the coolest new features of our redesigned showroom is the interactive jewelry displays. Most of the fine fashion jewelry pieces available at John Thomas Jewelers are secured in pull-out style drawers that allow customers to get an up-close and personal look at everything from engagement rings to bracelets and necklaces. Engagement rings are organized by style, with each drawer containing different pricing levels and design preferences. Guests are invited to check out a custom cabinet that includes a unique way to display designer jewelry. You can find it in the center of our showroom for easy access.

Custom jewelry design center

John Thomas Jewelers has offered custom jewelry design services for many years. Our team of gemologists and Master Jewelers have worked with our customers to create their dream designer jewelry pieces. They are highly skilled at identifying elements of design our customers prefer and crafting those ideas into amazing custom pieces.

Now, our customers have a dedicated space to build a bracelet, necklace, or ring from scratch that gives them ownership of their unique fashion jewelry. Included in our new custom jewelry design center is a big screen monitor where customers can view their style changes in real-time. Sometimes it can be difficult to envision your designs without seeing an accurate model. Our new design monitor allows customers to view a realistic version of their designed piece before they give the go-ahead for our gemologists and Master Jewelers to start the design phase.

Relax while you shop

Choosing the perfect engagement ring setting or necklace to celebrate a special occasion can be stressful. At John Thomas Jewelers, we never rush our valued clients through the buying process. We encourage everyone who comes through our doors to take a few moments to consider their options. The best part of all is you don’t have to leave our store to do it! All guests are invited to relax in our sitting area while they think over their designer jewelry buying choices. Have a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate on us, or enjoy a cold drink from our selection. Our team wants you to take all the time you need before buying or designing, and we want you to be comfortable while you do.

Gem cave for little explorers

Our showroom remodel appeals to more than the adult designer jewelry lovers in Albuquerque. A gem cave is in the works for our littlest fans. When finished, our wee shoppers can fully immerse themselves in gem exploration within the safety of our store. Parents can enjoy the freedom of working with our gemologist to create a custom jewelry design – or delve into our interactive drawers of fine fashion jewelry – while their children have an adventure of their own.

Enjoy immersive fine fashion jewelry buying

Fine fashion jewelry lovers can buy jewelry in a lackluster environment, or they can choose a moment to remember in our redesigned showroom. Immerse yourself in the designer jewelry experience at John Thomas Jewelers today. Our team is here and ready to make your visit one you won’t soon forget. 

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