Laser engraving

Laser Engraving for all Your Custom Design Jewelry Pieces

Engraving a special message into your custom design jewelry can help make it more unique and meaningful. Couples looking for the perfect engagement rings in Albuquerque often engrave special nicknames or phrases that hold significance to their relationship. Our Master Jewelers also laser engrave glass, gold, metals, and silver to create unique fashion jewelry designs. 

John Thomas Jewelers ensures your laser engraving meets your expectations using our Trotec laser engraver. Designed with precision in mind, this laser engraver allows our Master Jewelers to use a variety of materials to style your custom pieces into different shapes. We create functional markings, patterns, and textures using the engraver. It also can produce top-quality photo-engravings to further personalize your custom design.

Benefits of laser engraving with custom jewelry designers

Traditional engraving methods do not hold up to the attention to detail possible with our laser engraver. There are many benefits to laser engraving your custom design jewelry. 

One of the biggest advantages is that laser engraving uses an annealing process to heat the surface level of the metal to change its color. This method creates a powerful image while maintaining a smooth and solid metal base. Since laser engraving is clean and environmentally friendly, it protects precious gemstones and other delicate features from damage during the process. 

Other advantages of laser engraving technology include:

Flexibility for creating intelligent and intuitive markings. Our laser engraver uses specialized software designed for custom jewelry makers.

High accuracy. Geometries are small and precise, and the material is cleaned following engraving to create a higher contrast.

Process-safe material processing. Not only does our laser engraver save time, but it also does not require the material to be tightly clamped during engraving. This protects the material from any damage.

Versatility in design. From geometries as small as 1-point to the application of photo-engravings, we can add virtually anything to your custom jewelry with our laser engraver.

Invest in Laser-Engraved Custom-Design Jewelry from John Thomas Jewelers

Initials, monograms – even business logos – easily transfer to your favorite pieces of custom jewelry with our laser engraving process. Engraved custom design jewelry makes a thoughtful gift for that special someone. 

When you choose to engrave your fine fashion jewelry or add engraved elements when you design your own jewelry, our laser engraver, we promise stunning work with engraving that stands the test of time.

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