Designer Jewelry and Custom Designed Jewelry Appraisal Services Albuquerque

Appraisals for your designer jewelry, fine fashion jewelry, and custom-designed jewelry are an important part of jewelry ownership. There are several reasons why you should have all your jewelry appraised by the professional jewelry appraisal team at John Thomas Jewelers. 

Insurance coverage purposes. Jewelry insurance premiums are based on the value of your jewelry. If one of your pieces is lost or stolen, you want to ensure any insurance reimbursements cover the correct worth.

Proof of ownership. Appraising all your fine fashion jewelry and custom design jewelry substantiates proof of ownership if it is ever lost or stolen and recovered by the police.

Record of current value. If you ever decide to sell any of your jewelry, an appraisal ensures you receive fair market value for it.

Professional jewelry appraisal from qualified gemologists

John Thomas Jewelers’ appraisal team consists of Graduate Gemologists of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), Certified Senior Members of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, and bench jewelers. The team has a combined 60 years of experience in the jewelry industry. 

Our appraisers possess strong educational backgrounds and hands-on skills that allow them to accurately grade the quality of your jewelry and assign the correct market value. 

Fine fashion jewelry and other items from your jewelry collection receive a comprehensive appraisal at John Thomas Jewelers. Our appraisal team details all the information you will need to protect your investment. Included with every appraisal:

A table of contents.

Item description.

Photographs of the jewelry receiving the appraisal.

Assumptions and limiting conditions.

A list of lab equipment used for the appraisal.

Subscriptions retained for value consulting purposes.

Metal markets.


Biographical information.

Have additional questions about our appraisal process? Contact us and a member of our team is happy to answer all your questions and schedule your appraisal.   

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