Bridal Ring Sizing: Why It’s Important

Bridal Ring Sizing: Why It’s Important

Bridal rings are something you wear every day. It’s important they not only reflect your unique love story, but that they also fit your finger correctly.

Getting the sizing wrong can cause all sorts of problems. Losing your precious bridal rings is one of them. Damaging them is another.

Whether you want to surprise your special someone or plan to shop for your wedding set together, we’ve compiled a list of common questions about bridal ring sizing and why it’s important. In this blog, we explore:

  • How is bridal ring size determined?
  • Can my bridal rings be resized?
  • When should you get your bridal rings sized?
  • How do you determine ring size without spoiling the surprise?
  • Can you resize vintage or antique bridal rings?
  • How does temperature affect ring size?

How is bridal ring size determined?

Sizing your bridal rings can feel like a challenge. You’re under tremendous pressure to not only get the design and style of the rings just right. You also are tasked with making sure the rings fit your beloved’s finger when the time comes to place them there.

Bridal ring size is determined by the circumference, or distance around, the ring finger. In the U.S., ring sizes are measured in millimeters. Common ring sizes range between 3 and 13, with quarter sizes also available.

There are a few ways to determine bridal ring size. The first and most reliable is to have the wearer’s finger measured by a professional jeweler. However, if the rings are meant to be part of a surprise proposal, doing it this way is challenging (if not impossible).

You also can get ring sizers that measure a person’s finger accurately at home. If the person for whom the rings are intended has other rings they wear on their ring finger, you can get a measurement from that ring for comparison.

A man puts an engagement ring on a woman's finger during a proposal.

Can my bridal rings be resized?

The short answer to this question is yes. Most bridal rings can be resized if they become too tight or loose on your finger. However, not all metals are easy to size up or down, so be sure to ask your jeweler if the ring metal you’re choosing is easy to alter later if necessary.

Rings made of gold, silver, and platinum are the safest bets for resizing later. Tungsten carbide and other hard metals may not be suited to the resizing process.

The design of the ring also affects whether resizing is possible. If you choose wedding bands with intricate patterns and shapes, they may become damaged during resizing.

Lastly, the amount of resizing that needs to be done can affect its feasibility.  If the ring needs to go up or down more than 1 or 2 sizes, it poses challenges for the jeweler.

When should you get your bridal rings sized?

There are a few reasons why you might need to get your bridal rings resized. The most likely is the size of your finger has changed. Most requests to resize bridal rings is for this reason.

Finger size fluctuates throughout your life. If your rings start to feel too tight or too loose, or you struggle to get them on and off easily, it’s time to talk to your jeweler about resizing.

Other factors that affect when you should get your bridal rings resized include:

  • Weight gain or loss
  • Ring damage
  • Ring style changes

A couple shops for bridal rings in a jewelry store.

How do you determine ring size without spoiling the surprise?

Most wedding proposals are a surprise. Finding a way to hide your intentions while getting the correct ring size is a tall order. Here are some things you can do to get the information you need while keeping your plans under wraps.

  • Ask friends and family. This is a classic solution to the ring-sizing problem. Choose someone in the family you know and trust to keep the secret. It also must be someone who has intimate knowledge (or can easily find out without making the person suspicious) what their ring size is so you can get an engagement ring in the correct size.
  • Borrow a ring they already own. Make sure it’s a ring you’ve seen your partner wear on their ring finger to ensure accurate sizing.
  • Enlist an accomplice. It’s sneaky, but you could ask one of your friends to pretend they need your partner’s help to buy a ring for their special someone as a surprise. They could convince your partner to go to the jewelry store with them to try on different rings to see which ones look best.
  • Use a ring sizer. Wait until your special someone is asleep and slip a ring sizer on their finger. Of course, this only works if they’re a sound sleeper.

A woman wears a vintage engagement ring.

Can you resize vintage or antique bridal rings?

Yes, you can resize vintage and antique bridal rings in most cases. However, the process might be more expensive and difficult than resizing a modern ring. Vintage and antique rings often are made of metals difficult to manipulate. If they include engraving or special designs, it can be impossible to alter the size without affecting the way it looks.

If you’re thinking of using vintage or antique bridal rings to propose to your special someone, consult with a jeweler with experience and expertise resizing these styles of rings. They can assess whether it’s feasible to resize the ring or propose alternative solutions if resizing may damage or devalue the rings.

How does temperature affect ring size?

If you live in a part of the country where it’s dry and arid, you might find that your fingers swell. Conversely, if you live in a cooler climate, your fingers can shrink slightly. These kinds of weather changes, along with other conditions, can affect how your bridal rings fit.

In cold weather, your fingers contract, making rings feel looser. Cool temperatures cause your blood vessels to constrict, which reduces the amount of blood that flows to your hands. The decreased blood flow causes your fingers to become slightly smaller.

In hot weather, your fingers expand, making rings feel tighter. Heat causes your blood vessels to dilate, which allows more blood flow to your fingers, making them swell slightly.

Right-sizing your bridal rings

You have enough things to worry about if you’re planning a wedding. Bridal rings that fit properly shouldn’t be one of them.

Trust the expertise and experienced jewelers at John Thomas Jewelers to help you right-size your bridal rings so you can avoid the hassle of resizing. However, if you ever need to go up or down in size, trust that we can handle the task without damaging your precious rings.

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