How to Easily Change Up Your Wedding Ring Look

How to Easily Change Up Your Wedding Ring Look

There are a few simple things you can do to achieve this.  The first you can do is to add a different band to your current set.  Whether it be a different color metal or maybe a different feel to it like a milgrain band with diamonds for a more vintage look.  Try a different band on either side of your engagement ring. You'll be surprised how much of a difference just adding a band can make.  


Ring Jacket’s 

The second easy change is to add your engagement ring to what is called a ring jacket.  It's two bands that are soldered together with a space in the middle for your engagement ring to fit in.  It's a faster change but the only downfall is that the worn alone-the-ring jacket usually doesn't look good.  Whereas the separate bands can be worn alone.  Say you going on vacation or you're very active and don't want to wear your engagement ring. The separate band is a great alternative.   Also if your wedding ring needs to go into the shop, having the extra band will be great to use as a filler until your ring is finished being repaired. 


Diamond Alternatives 

Don't be shy when it comes to playing with different styles.  Sometimes what you think will look great on doesn't look as great as your thought.  As the opposite is true too.  You may not like the look of the ring alone tell you see it next to your engagement ring.  It's like trying on clothes.  It is usually best to try it on.  Try different shape diamond cuts like marquee or baguette.  I would also try a simple high polished band, then try a more intricate band for a softer feel.  Go bold and try a colored stone band.  Keep in mind when choosing a gemstone band other than diamond you want to look for a durable stone.  This way you're not having to replace it often. We recommend sapphire as its hardness is an 8 out of 10 being next hardest to diamond. Plus sapphires come in all the colors of the rainbow.  Also, Garnet is a great alternative and comes in oranges, reds, purples, mauves, bright greens, yellow, and browns.  Garnets are a 6.5 to a 7.5 in harness on Mohs scale.  So definitely a good alternative with lots of color varieties to choose from. 





Custom Design with John Thomas Jewelers Custom Design Center 

What will you create?  Come in today at John Thomas Jewelers right in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Have an idea and don't see what you want?  No problem.  With John Thomas Jewelers Custom Jewelry Design Center we can create anything your heart desires. The possibilities are endless.  We look forward to seeing you in our one-of-a-kind interactive showroom.  John Thomas Jewelers is Albuquerque's favorite local jeweler and custom designer.  Here for the next chapter in your life.  See you soon.

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