The Meaning and Allure Around the March Birthstone – Aquamarine

The Meaning and Allure Around the March Birthstone – Aquamarine

We all have our own personal favorite precious gems, but it's hard to beat the pure beauty of the March birthstone - Aquamarine. With an undeniable vibe that is calming and serene all at once, the oceanic colors transport you straight into faraway places where sky meets water in perfect harmony! This is Mother Nature’s most spectacular blend coming together as one.

Aquamarine is a stone that usually comes in greenish-blue, pale blue or deep shades. Its intricate design makes it beautiful when decorated with metals like white gold. It is a great idea for an anniversary gift or to commemorate the 19th wedding year milestone! The gemstone has been so popular over time regardless of your birth month, because not only does this stunning stone look spectacular, but it also holds many symbolisms encircled in a rich history.

Introduction to the March Birthstone, Aquamarine

It's name comes from its watery luster and transparency, just like emeralds. But what gives this stone most of its allure is that it contains iron which gives off varying shades depending on how much there are in each crystal cell. You'll notice why they're so valuable when you see them up close.

Symbolism Behind Aquamarine – The ‘Treasure of the Sea’

The gemstone aquamarine is one of the most beautiful and popular gems in existence. It was believed to be sacred by Romans, who saw it as a representation for their god Neptune - “God Of Sea”. Aquamarine stones were prized since ancient Egyptian times where sailers would wear necklaces adorned with aquamarine and other precious stones like rubies, along with silver coins, to fund expeditions.

Just as the color of water is considered pure, wearing aquamarine brings one’s soul and conscience to a higher level. It enhances your strength-of character with sincere virtue in order for you to be able to differentiate right from wrong when dealing with situations that come up throughout life. This also makes it easier on those around us by creating an aura where they know we will always make sound decisions no matter what comes our way!

March Birthstone – A Stunning Gemstone for Jewelry

Aquamarine is a beautiful, high-quality gemstone that has been worn by many people for centuries. It's commonly found in jewelry due to its pleasing tones and subdued classiness - though it can also be mined as an ornamental stone with less intense designs.

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